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Please download all the articles on our website and read them at your leisure . Please note that downloaded .pdf files are all in English and are not automatically translated

Reading, and rereading these articles has a strong therapeutic affect, experienced by all our patients. They report that 80% of the TRT effect is generated by knowledge of the Jastreboff model of  tinnitus / hyperacusis.

Please note that these articles are protected by copyright. By downloading them you agree to protect the copyright of the original and keep one copy only for your own use, unless alternative information is given on the article.  In no circumstances may the articles be used in whole, or in part in any other publication.



From this website

Hypersensitivity of hearing                                  Hazell JWP
Tinnitus and TRT; Jastreboff model                      Hazell JWP
Sound enrichment – how to                                Hazell JWP
Things that go bump in the night
(somatosounds etc)                                        Hazell J.W.P.
Ménière’s syndrome – hydrops                           Hazell J.W.P
Salt free diet          Anon

Research papers from the VIth International Tinnitus Seminar 1999

The TRT method in practice.                      Hazell JWP
Results of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy        Sheldrake JB, Hazell JWP, Graham RL

Proceedings of 6th International Tinnitus Conference -free dowload .

Important papers from elsewhere

Heller& Bergman (quiet room) experiment                Heller MF & Bergman M
TRT  in British Journal of Audiology                      Jastreboff PJJ & Hazell JWP
The Tensor Tympani Syndrome                           Klockoff I (1st description)
(A common reason for blocked ears)
Decreased Sound Tolerance                                   Jastreboff P, Jastreboff M
Tinnitus and unilateral deafness                              Hazell JWP et al.
Auditory Imagery                                                   Goodwin PE
(Hearing sounds as music)
Children with hyperacusis in class
Decreased Sound tolerance – causation and
TRT results
                                                          Hazell JWP GrahamRL SheldrakeJB
Silence causing tinnitus                                         Tucker DA et al
Tinnitus as manifestation of a survival reflex.             Hazell JWP
Guest Lecture Med. Soc London 2005                     Hazell JWP
Palatal Myoclonus (clicking tinnnitus)                      East CA Hazell JWP
Patulous Eustachian Tube Syndrome                      Robinson PJ Hazell JWP
Perspectives for total elimination of tinnitus              SheldrakeJB JastreboffPJ Hazell JWP
TRT – 15 year perspective                                        HazellJWP
Jack Vernon – a tribute                                            Hazell JWP

Proceedings of 7th International Tinnitus Conference

A book by Jastreboff and Hazell entitled Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, is now published